Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Here I am.  Again...I was blogging when blogging wasn't cool.  And like most things in my life, I couldn't keep up.  Actually, my shitbag ex husband found it, and started making even my escape-to life miserable, so I took it down.  I think I've never really trusted any anonymity to give it another heartfelt go.  Add to that my adult ADHD and my horribly dysfunctional life...and bleh...whatever.  I'm trying again.  So, it seems in addition to making a promise to myself to get back on meds and be a "productive" member of society again (whatever that means), I'm also committing to writing here everyday for a week.  I realize these are lofty goals, but, hey, I'm trying to keep the faith...

I'm not sure what will pop out here...Mostly, I just want it to be honest.  And I guess I'd like to find that damn potential everyone keeps telling me is somewhere inside of me.  I'm feeling really old as of late, like maybe I'm too old to be using this damn internets for creative outlet...But, it beats a real job.  And, frankly, I've grown bored of reading other people's lives, and not having one of my own.  It's stupid, in a be crawling back into society, getting a life, that is truly just still me by myself, clacking away at a keyboard.  Hopefully, I'll have some shit to say, and put the 'fun' back in my dysfunctional life.  Like writing here will somehow motivate me to clean out my closet and start facing real people in real life in this new real city I moved to because of my husband's real job and my real life totally falling apart the last year or so...Shit, who am I kidding?  It has been a sinking ship for some time.  I'm still hopeful to make a life in this wreckage!  It's the only life I have!

I'm also planning some shittalk.  You're welcome, real-life friends.  This should lead to less drunk texting!  Maybe...We'll promises.

Also, I'm not editing or rereading what I post for now.  I just want to keep my goal of DOING something.  Excuse the typos...or, you know, fuck off.  That too.

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